Since Jul 3, 2021, Sciensano no longer updates vaccination figures on weekends. Consequently, the next update of the figures will be on Aug 22, 2022.

API v1

There are currently 3 endpoints available. The supported formats are JSON, XML and CSV. Please use wisely, rate limits may apply.

The use of this API is licensed under CC BY 4.0. You can find more info about this license here.

  • Use the last-updated endpoint to check if your data is still fresh instead of pulling the full dataset.
  • If you want to use the data in a distributed manner, please store the latest version of every endpoint on your own server instead of pulling it from our API for every user individually.
  • Since the API is licensed under CC BY 4.0, you must give appropriate credit.
  • We offer everything for free although we have server expenses, consider donating to help. You can find more info at the bottom of this page.
Last updated
Doses delivered
Doses administered
DEPRECATED because the dataset of Sciensano is more extensive
Doses administered by vaccine type
DEPRECATED and OUTDATED because the dataset of Sciensano is more extensive

Initiative of volunteers

This page is an initiative of volunteers who are willing to use some of their (little) spare time to gather accurate data to create this dashboard. The figures are always supported by recognized sources. This initiative is not commissioned by a third party and is not associated with any institution.

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