NL Deze pagina bevat informatie, grafieken, tabellen en links die intussen niet langer relevant zijn om op het dashboard weer te geven.

FR Cette page contient des informations, des graphiques, des tableaux et des liens qu'il n'est plus pertinent d'afficher sur le tableau de bord.

EN This page contains information, charts, tables and links that are no longer relevant to display on the dashboard in the meantime.

Summer plan

Summer plan

Turnaround time of a vaccine

The turnaround time between delivery and administration of vaccines. The calculation can be done in 2 ways. The first possibility is a calculation based on the time a dose was available for administration. A second way is to look at how long it takes for a delivery to be fully administered. Both graphs are available.
a Since March 22, syringes with a low dead volume have been used across the country, allowing an average of 6.8 doses to be extracted from a Pfizer vial and 11.5 doses from an AstraZeneca and Moderna vial (including losses). The turnaround time was recalculated accordingly.

Initiative of volunteers

This page is an initiative of volunteers who are willing to use some of their (little) spare time to gather accurate data to create this dashboard. The figures are always supported by recognized sources. This initiative is not commissioned by a third party and is not associated with any institution.

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