Doses delivered
09-04 MOD Moderna + 80,400 SOURCE
26-03 MOD Moderna + 96,000 SOURCE
12-03 MOD Moderna + 63,600 SOURCE
25-02 MOD Moderna + 48,000 SOURCE
01-02 MOD Moderna + 25,200 SOURCE
25-01 MOD Moderna + 13,200 SOURCE
11-01 MOD Moderna + 8,400 SOURCE

Initiative of volunteers

This page is an initiative of volunteers who are willing to use some of their (little) spare time to gather accurate data to create this dashboard. The figures are always supported by recognized sources. This initiative is not commissioned by a third party and is not associated with any institution.

Would you like to help with tracking and retrieving the data? Talk to me on twitter @jorisvaesen or via linkedin, or send an email to joris@appstorm.be.

Do you want to support this project? Please go to buymeacoffee.com/jorisvaesen (PayPal and creditcard) deposit directly into BE97 7310 5104 8849.


You can choose the amount yourself in the app.