Dear valued visitor

Three years ago, on 7 January 2021, I embarked on something I really did not know at the time what it would be. One thing was immediately clear, though: my aspiration to be a trusted source of information amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Your visits, support and engagement have made this place a valuable hub for insights about covid vaccinations.

Today, this dashboard is no longer relevant. Due to the deletion of datasets, it can no longer provide reliable information and no longer gives a complete picture of ongoing campaigns. It is with regret, but certainly also pride, that I must announce that will therefore be closed.

Although this chapter is coming to an end, I cherish the memories of our shared journey and the valuable interactions we have had. Your visits, interactions and interest have had an undeniable impact and contributed to provide clarity in these challenging times and put pressure on politicians and other sectors to continue to do their utmost.

I would like to thank you for your time, commitment and the trust you have placed in me.

With sincere gratitude

Joris Vaesen

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